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Looked it up, and apparently my Saturn return was *drumroll* the exact time between when I got laid off due to the pandemic and when I started working at my new job. Wild.

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My Saturn return was when I had to get a job after attempting to start a company after grad school (it was pretentious and bound to fail) and the only one I could get was minimum wage at a thrift store. I had pivoted from one career to another to attend grad school so it hit like a truck. Someone close to me I lived with got so sick they were on disability leave and I had to get rent money from my parents for the month they were sick.

But we survived and the next year I got married, we bought a house, and I finally found a job in the career I went to grad school for.

It just took that year to unlearn some assumptions and I’m coming up on ten years since then and doing much better.

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